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This page is about my interests, people I would recommend and things that I think may interest you.

Eclectic Electric, a project which was born out of love for new music, artists and radio.

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George Bullard

George Bullard is a world record-breaking explorer and endurance athlete. To date he has covered more than 2000 miles on foot in the polar regions and completed 14 extraordinary expeditions around the world, guiding over 300 people.

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Heavenly Necklaces is a small online jewellery business that sells the finest faux diamond jewellery, as worn by celebrities and royalty all over the world.

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Emma Kendall Design

Emma Kendall Design is a London based illustrator and designer in the early stages of freelance business. Creating bespoke and vibrant artworks that are visually stimulating.

Emma also painted the mural in my clinic.

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Eclectric Electric
Heavenly Necklaces

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