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People & Discoveries

This page is about my interests, people I would recommend and things that I think may interest you.

British designers and stylists Cheskie and Karen create unique hand-made accessories including stunning silverware and beautifully hand-crafted napkins and tablecloths designed to instil a sense of magic and atmosphere into your home.

Discover for yourself:

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Noon Pacific

Noon Pacific™ is the Soundtrack to Your Week. Curated mixtapes of the best new music handpicked from LA, New York and London delivered weekly at noon (pacific time).

Discover for yourself:

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The Native Butcher

TNB is something that I started in the first ever lockdown as I could no longer massage. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to eat meat that has been ethically reared. Our meat will always taste the way that it should; I choose the best meat from British native breeds reared on our farms, free from growth hormones and of course cruelty free.

Discover for yourself:

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