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Vitamin C can help stop you from getting cold & flu before it even starts.


The further you've gone down the path of sickness, the more Vitamin C it will take to heal. Start taking more Vitamin C at the very first sniffle. For example if you're taking 3000mg of Vitamin C a day, try upping it to 6000mg per day, if you're not noticing an effect, up it again.

Antibiotics kill bacteria like an A-bomb. Vitamin C stops bacteria in a different way: it works through the body's immune system.

Dr. Robert Cathcart says vitamin C works exceptionally well as an antiviral (and antibiotic) if you take enough. "Enough" is called "saturation," and is indicated by loose bowels and/or intestinal gas. Try taking vitamin C until saturation is reached. 

Additional suggestions:

20,000 IU of Vitamin A daily and a few grams of bioflavonoid supplements will also help. When sick, drink lots of carrot juice and then you don't need to take extra vitamin A.


During illness, try and eat almost entirely fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Herbs that can help sooth colds & flu. Put them in water and drink as a tea:


Foods that can help with cold & flu:

Disclaimer: the preceding is intended as educational material and not as individual treatment recommendations.

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