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It has been said that Mother Nature will not be fooled... at least not for long. If you are what you eat, and you eat a lot of worthless stuff, don't expect good health. If you provide your body with good food and a happy life style, you will feel better and look better.

If you are going to do something FOR your health, you first should stop doing bad things TO your health. 


What are your bad habits? What is keeping you from feeling better? Below is a list, with my opinion of the very worst first. Go through this list and see what you can drop to become a healthier you.

 1. SMOKING kills around 106,000 people in the UK each year. Each one of those deaths is completely preventable.

 2. USE OF ALCOHOL, even in moderation, damages brain and body cells. Alcoholic beverages generally contain chemical additives as well. Most suicides are alcohol related. 


3. LACK OF SLEEP makes any problem worse. There's rarely any real need to stay up late. Turn off that TV and read until you are drowsy.


 4. CHEMICAL ABUSE hurts your body. Of course it does. Chemical abuse includes over-use of prescription drugs as well as narcotic addiction. Over-the-counter medicines included. Headaches are not caused by aspirin deficiency. Look for the real cause of illness.


5. OVERWEIGHT by more than 20%?  If so, you can expect many more health problems and a shorter life. Lose that excess weight!


6. DRINKING COFFEE is not harmless. If you "have to have your morning cup of coffee," then you are dependent on caffeine, which is a drug.


7. SUGAR is not your friend. Sugar increases inflammation and it can decrease the brain's to ability to change. I'm not only talking about sugar as in the sweet stuff but sugar as in the refined carbs too. This is going to not only have unhealthy effects on the body but also on the brain and this will lead to your brain to not having optimal function. Avoid sugar and feel better right away. You will notice fewer mood swings.


8. DRINKING SOFT DRINKS. If you are going to drink something, why not have something that is good for you? Carbonated drinks erode tooth enamel and appear to promote kidney stones. If you don't like water then flavour it by adding a piece of fruit or veg such as: apple, cucumber, lemon or lime.


9. USING ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS adds chemicals instead of sugar to your body. What kind of an improvement is that?


10. EATING JUNK FOODS gives you extra calories and gives the big food corporations extra profits. 




12. EATING ANYTHING WITH AN INGREDIENT THAT YOU CAN'T SPELL EASILY means you need to read those food labels more carefully.

Just what are you willing to do to get better? If you limit your answer, you are limiting your success. Do everything possible to enjoy good health. Don't worry about being called a "health nut." What are the others called, then? "Disease nuts?".

Disclaimer: the preceding is intended as educational material and not as individual treatment recommendations.

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