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Bacon Cheese Burger

Serves 6


6 soft bread rolls, halved and lightly toasted

1 head of lettuce, leaves rinsed and dried

2 - 3 large vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced

6 free-range organic eggs (optional)

12 rashers of bacon, free-range organic

Cheddar cheese

1 kg lean beef mince, free-range organic

Beef patties, to me, are best made simply, using good quality meet, you do not need to add any extras, I believe you only need to add extras when the beefs not good enough.


Split the beef into six patties, placing them on a plate.

Pre-heat a BBQ or a frying pan and cook the patties until browned on the outside and cooked to your liking - I prefer mine medium-rare. At the same time you start cook you burgers, fry the bacon to your liking - I prefer mine just starting to crips up.

Once the bacon is cooked, place it on top of your burger, and place a slice of cheese on top of the bacon to melt.

Fry the eggs.

Serve on a lightly toasted bread bun with lettuce and tomatoes. If you like, finish with a fired egg.

Try one or all of these as a side: homemade chips, sweet potato fries and crispy kale.

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