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Braised 5 Hour Lamb

Serves 6


1 large leg of lamb

6 rashers of streaky bacon

3 red onions, peeled and quartered

3 cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced

1 handful of fresh rosemary

1 handful of fresh thyme

4 large potatoes, peeled & cut into chunks

1 celeriac, peeled & cut into chunks

6 large carrots, peeled & halved

4 parsnips, peeled & halved

Salt & pepper

Olive oil

1 bottle of good quality white wine

2 pints of water



Pre-heat your oven to 170ºC.

In a deep-sided roasting tray, fry your well-seasoned lamb in a good splash of olive oil until all sides are brown. Add the bacon, onions and garlic and continue to fry for 3 more minutes.

Add in your vegetables and herbs and pour in the wine and water, bring to the boil, and tightly cover with kitchen foil.

Cook in the oven for 5 hours until tender, seasoning the cooking liquid to taste.

To serve, pull away a nice portion of meat and a selection of the vegetables.

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