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12 Months to a Better You
Make One Small Change a Month
Drink More Water
Water flushes out toxins. Water keeps you feeling full so you eat less. Try drinking 2 liters a day.
Make Breakfast a Priority.
Try to eat a big breakfast. It helps to kick start your day.
Get More Sleep.
Let's face it, we don't get enough sleep. Getting your ZZZ's helps your body fight off illness like colds and flu. For a better healthier you, aim for 8+ hours per night.  
Go For a Walk.
When it comes to exercise, walking is free! It requires no special equipment and can be done anywhere. You need 30mins of walking 5 times a week. If time is an issue then break this into 10 or 15 mins walks, two to three times a day. 
Eat More Fruit & Veg.
Low in calories and full of fibre, you can't go wrong with eating more of these nutrient-rich foods. Fill half your plate with fruit and vegetables.
Find a Workout Buddy.
Working out with a friend may increase your motivation to exercise. It makes exercise more fun when you add a social element to them.
 Stop Eating When You're Full.
Sometimes your eyes can be too big for your stomach. You pile food onto your plate and even if you're full you feel as if you have to eat you. You don't. As soon as you notice that you're full, stop eating.
Unplug and Unwind.
The constant buzz of emails and texts makes it really hard to relax. Make time to put your technology away and connect with yourself and loved ones. 
Don't Skip Meals.
Skipping meals can lead to extreme hunger, and you may end up eating more than you intended with your next meal.  

Get Organised.

Be productive and get your life organised; mentally and in your home life.

Love Yourself.
Go on a path of self discovery, self acceptance and self love.
Give Back and Reflect.
Love and give to others. Look back on the year, look how much you've grown. Be proud of yourself!
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