Beef patties, to me, are best made simply, using good quality meet, you do not need to add any extras.

This makes a quick and easy supper.

Chicken with Creamy Penne

This makes a quick, easy and light supper. It's also great to eat as a hangover cure - although not that comforting.

Egg Salad

Even if I'm only cooking this for two I'll still cook enough for four people and have the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Pasta, Spicy Sausage Meat & Wild Mushrooms

I like to use this as a side to a salad, cold meats or even sausages. It makes simple leftovers go that much further.

Brilliant for entertaining friends and family. Put it in the oven in the afternoon and forget about it till dinner.

Braised 5 Hour Lamb

This recipe provides a wonderfully healing and tasty meal for anytime of day.

Cucumber Noodles with a Chunky Tomato Sauce 

Mac n Cheese is without a doubt my go to comfort food.

Mac n Cheese

This is my mother's favourite dinner when she's home alone, in fact she could probably eat it every night.

Roasted Vegetables

I like to think of this as a pretty good date night go to. It's not too complicated and doesn't leave you feeling bloated and heavy.

Chicken Piccata

Cooking duck breasts is easy once you get the hang of it. This recipe works with any duck breast, wild or store-bought. 

Duck Breasts with a Citrus Glaze

I love a simple steak and mash, marinating over night brings in a wonderful flavour.

Marinated Rump Steak

If I'm feeling like a light supper, and it's the right time of year, I'll wonder round the garden and pick some tomatoes. I can't stress, the fresher the better.

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes with Manchego

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